Lord Hiriam

Lord Hiriam is a fellow traveler on the carvan, a loud boisterous noble who has little tact with those underneath him.


Lord Hiriam is a noble who claimed, to anyone who would care to listen, to have been taking care of business in the capital and is just now returning to his lands in the South. He is a thin, pale man dressed in fine clothing and jewelry. The tone of voice and choice of words he uses when talking to others in the caravan indicates he has very little respect for anyone not of his station or higher.

He is traveling in his own wagon, which as been outfitted with a canopy and made into a makeshift bed, complete with silk cushions and expensive blankets. It is evident that the caravan master must have been paid quite well to put up with all this.

Hiriam appears to be unarmed, but astute observers will notice he carries a dirk hidden underneath all his clothing (it pokes out conspicuously due to his lean nature.) The rings on his fingers are no doubt valuable or possibly magical as well.

During the ambush, he took an arrow to the foot and the wound appeared to be infected. Despite their best attempts at medical care, he became a corrupted corpse and rose to attack them in concert with other zombies. The travelers destroyed his body and all seemed to be well….

...until he reappeared again, this time as a specter, hell-bent for vengeance on the druid who he sees as failing to save him. They once again drove him off, a mere hundred feet from the city walls. Whether he has vanished for sure is still unknown….

Lord Hiriam

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