Squire Lothar

A young man of 18 years, not yet bloodied and not yet a paladin


As level 1 Paladin, but without any powers.


Lothar is a squire attached to Sir Bjorn and was a soon-to-be paladin until his mentor’s untimely demise. Their destination was Anfalas and to avoid attracting attention, they had wore hooded cloaks and kept mostly to themselves. Having never stood the Vigil, Lothar does not possess any of the powers normally afforded to paladins. He is skilled at weapons and healing, as well as riding into mounted combat, but he is unable to perform divine miracles at-will.

Before the ambush, he had not yet seen direct combat and is still quite shaken from the experience. His current goal is to see the body of Sir Bjorn buried with the proper rites and find another member of his Order.

Squire Lothar

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