A sellsword in the employ of the caravan master.


Theron is a hired guard for the caravan traveling the Imperial Highway from Lothruin to the Southern Estates. He is not one to talk much and dislikes being around people. Most noticeably, he takes his meals away from others and sleeps in a separate area from the bulk of the travelers.

He wears scale mail armor and has a longsword at his waist. A undecorated shield, along with a bow/quiver are strapped to his back. He was probably a handsome man in his youth, but years of working as a soldier have given him a weathered, grizzled look, complete with large scar running ear to jaw on the left side of his face.

During the ambush on the caravan, Theron handled himself very well, destroy two of the skeletons alone and slaying the rest of the help of the other passengers. Surveying the situation, he concluded that it would be in their best interest to take the horses and ride, leaving everyone else (not including the squire or the party) behind as bait. With the refusal of the party to do this, he commandeered one of horses for himself and rode off. He had promised to alert the militia and local temple when he arrived at Anfalas, but doubts remain high if he would survive the trip there.


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