Calyara (New Home in the Old Tongue) is the name given by the First Men to the continent to which they arrived. It constitutes the Western half of the known world and is still not as of yet fully explored. Previously corrupted by the Shadowlord, the combined armies of the First Men drove him back and it was eventually cleared for settlement.

The North consists of a mountain range called the Ridgebacks that increase in height until they become impossible to pass in the West.

The West has an endless (so far) desert that covers a fair bit the continent’s side. Expeditions have been mounted to map as much of the area as possible, but desert creatures, barbarians, and unexplainable forces have made every one a failure. The city of Jericho is the largest of these border towns.

Heading south, one will encounter increasingly wet and fertile lands. The mid-South presents many agricultural opportunities and the very tip is thick and swampy marshlands. Most of the fiefdoms and landed nobles are located here. Although the capital is nominally Lothruin, the seat of power here is Eaglin.

Along the eastern coast are fishing villages and gently sloping plains. The seafolk traditionally herd cattle and when the weather prevails, cast their lines in the Noverian Ocean.

The rest of the continent is usually sparse woodland, depending where on the North-South axis one is. Some of the thicker forests are home to the elven tribes, while the thinner ones up north are an important source of lumber.


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