Heavy Steel

Heavy Steel is a material of almost mythical proportion, the forging of which has been lost to time. It was once the most valuable commodity of the Old Kingdoms, and legend said it was with these swords that the First Men drove the Shadowlord from Calyara. Heavy steel is near indestructible, does not bend or break and holds a sharp edge perpetually. It is twice as heavy as normal steel and is of a lustrous black color. Traditionally, it was forged from white iron quenched in water mixed with the blood of the soon-to-be wielder. In this manner, each blade was ‘imprinted’ onto its owner and his line. There are still blades left in the world crafted of this material…its durability means the thousands of years have not taken its toll on them. Many are lost, to the depths of the ocean or earth, or to the treasure trove of forgotten kings and tyrants. Each sword is usually given a name that corresponds to the sword’s forging or its history.

Heavy Steel is said to possess the ability to cut through nearly anything and have strange powers when wielded by the right person.

Known swords – Possessor

  • Durandal, Sword of Many Forms – House Deschain of Jericho
  • Dragonfyre, The Burning Blade – Vynaleus
  • Kingmaker – Stewards of the Kingdom of Calyara, former possessed by the Royal House.

Heavy Steel

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