Calyara is the name given by the First Men to the continent that constituted the Western half of the known world. It is a geographical region of varied climate and setting, from the bleak and bitter North to the lush and fertile Southlands. An enormous and apparently never-ending desert lies to the West, past all known civilization and for those willing to brave the Noverian Ocean, the East holds many exotic and profitable splendors.

Although humans are the predominant race, especially in the cities and farmlands of the South, other races were present in the Great Crossing and have flourished in their preferred homelands.


The legends hold that the First Men arrived on the shores of Calyara 7500 years ago, refugees from a broken, dying world. They found the continent in the clutches of a dark being, whom was said to have no material form and a strength drawn from otherworldly realms. The lands were overrun with nightmarish creatures and abominations no sane mind could have created. Twisted fortress of flesh and bone dotted the landscape, monuments to the corruption that had soaked into the very earth itself. It was meant to be a mockery of life, both to the mortals of this plane and the deities that looked down above.

The Lord of Shadows sent an envoy to the First Men, asking for submission to his rule and acknowledgment of him as their God. But these were the people who had not surrendered to the destruction of their homeland and their knees did not bend easily. Little is written about the battles they won or the defeats they suffered at the hands of the Shadowlord. What is known is that heroes from every race, creed, and clan rose to defend the people of the Great Crossing in what was called The Midnight War. Even hundreds of generations later, their stories are still told: Sir Edmund the Dragonking, Roselyn the Iron Maiden, Artorious the Dauntless, and many more. Armed with swords of fire and shields of ice, which some claimed to be gifts from the gods, they drove the Nightlord and his minions from the continent.


It is the 23rd day since the beginning of Summer, 7523 years after the Great Crossing. Kingdoms have risen and fallen, empires have come and gone. The known world spans two continents, the feudal land of Calyara and the exotic and bizarre world of the East. From the North come sightings of barbarians amassing on the coast at World’s End. From the West are rumors that the Deadlands themselves have come alive with some evil purpose. To the south, the various fiefdoms are locked in a civil war, caused by the death of the King and disappearance of the heir 15 years ago. Too long has this world been allowed to flourish under the guiding hand of heroes and paragons. Too many evils have been committed in the name of progress and civilization. The denizens of Calyara have grown soft and complacent, forgetting the sacrifice their ancestors made to keep the land safe. But they shall know new cause to fear, for the dawn of a new era is fast approaching. This is the Age of Reckoning

The Age of Reckoning

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